Saturday, November 11, 2006

Good Day Saturday

Today My inner soundtrack is composed of seventies perky tween music that I listen to when I was a middle schooler. Partridge family and monkees fluff. Just one good election can revert one back to the days before reading Germaine Greer and other 70's radicals the innocence of childhood. Dont Believe it. Childhood was never innocent. Child molesters hid behind every tree in the 70's just like they do today. Only difference is more children have a voice and are believed when they complain about the nasty person. Everything that neocons like my biological family complain about is delusionary. If I really looked at the past the mores, the virtues, the perversions they are the same today as they were back then. The only difference is there is less sweeping under the rug going on and more breast beating when inappopriate behavior occurs and people get caught at it. Everybody is a Drama Queen nowdays. People say that tabloids are ruining society because we now gossip about celebrities. Honestly I would rather gossip about someone who makes millions of dollar acting than my neighbor or best.friend. But I dont believe any gossiping is good unless it is about peoples good works. I have really found it easy not to dwell on the sexual misdeeds of prominent people who work hard on the appearance of virtueousness..////

Maybe that is the reason for many a supposed good persons fall. The concern with appearance virtue in their life instead of cultivating true virtue in their lives. To blame the people around them, of forcing perfection on them. Is really blaming ones associates for ones character defect and not individual whose defect it is. But really if a little person was caught doing so we cluck and shake our heads and say bad breeding, bad education or not enough of the right religious belief. When big people fall we always try to turn it into a Greek tragedy when all it is really is a Jerry Springer Epic.

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