Friday, November 03, 2006

Politics and realitivity

Well today I heard that Kerry apologized instead of giving good old Americans a reality check but then he is an politician and they really hate it when any one sees things as it really is. Especially Kerry should know how wars are run having seen action. Kerry WASNOT calling American soldiers stupid. He was stating the future he saw occuring: If America Does Not AWAKE from the Qausi-religico stupor WE have fallen into. What he saw HE learned and experienced in the Old war Vietnam ANOTHER RElIGIOUS WAR in which America Backed A CATHOLIC POLITICAL REGIME IN SOUTH VIETNAM. As it tried to impose catholism on the Buddhist Masses, Cronkite never told you that truth. Premier of South Vietnam was the brother of the head of the archdioses of Southeast Asia, three months before america went to war this Premier made Catholic Holidays federal holidays and stopped the national celebration of Buddhist holidays this made the vietnamese hot under the collar. Look how upset Christians in America get when you wish them a Happy Holiday. In that war the rich people of america did not have to sacrifice their sons as people who went to university were exempt. That was all that Kerry was stating a Bitter Cynical look into the future as he saw it. And He is right do you think that when they are finally going to trowl for more soldiers for Iraq they are going to show up at Havard University or Yale. THEY'RE going to SHOW-up at the Vo-Tech on the day the REpublicans slash Government Grants. So GROW-UP AMERICA THE POOR fight our WARS. The POOR and THE BADLY EDUCATED. Having grown up poor and been badly educated and in the military all Kerry was stating was the TRUTH. BEING BADLY EDUCATED DOES NOT = STUPID but it DOES = CANNON FODDER.

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