Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Days are here again

Well I feel giddy and grateful for the first time in many years. I spontaneous praised God when I heard the election results. She did a great job. And the American people did good too. Now we can work to build bridges with the sane countries of the world and get help to ones enthralled in madness as we have been these last 12-years. Now we must work to heal not just America but starship Earth,dear Gaia and other people homelands, their motherlands and fatherlands.....It is kumbaya time whatever your religion you are. Humanity must give up its collective selfishness or all we are is enslaving our children and descendants to hopelessness. AND TO THOSE PEOPLE SCREAMING "END TIMES" EVERYTIME THEY CONTEMPLATE HAVING TO ROLL UP THEIR SLEEVES AND TIGHTEN THEIR BELT TO CLEAN UP THE FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN. THE END OF THE WORLD IS NOT AN OBSCENE BOOK SERIES YOU PUT AWAY AFTER READING IT COMPULSIVELY.

My parents lived through WWII in europe the bombing, the stravation, the massacres by NAZI and Communists The FEar of being Repatriated if unable to find a country willing to take you in. REpatriation meant A quick trip to a firing squad or a Labor camp sentence of life in good old siberia. Something economic illegal aliens do not face. End Times Happened it was WWII and the fight against facisism and stalinism. WE won Fundies are too stupid to notice because social responsibilty is hard message to raise money with. It is easier to wave a boogeyman in front the congregation and hear kaching in the church coffer.

WEll let us all pray for America and the world for the real work is to come and the real sacrifices coming up. My beginning sacrifice is I will work on my compulsive spending and lowering my debt so I may give more money to charity to help the poor and disadvantage including poor mother earth. This I offer in honor of God, " Her miracles bright and great."

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