Thursday, October 12, 2006

debating about fluff

steppe wanderer
Today I ended up arguing about religion. I really wish I could remember what my husband says to every time this happens "don't argue about religion neither side ever wins and everyone just gets all heated up. But since this is my blog I will discuss it. It started out as a talk about South Park and conspiracies and ended talking about seriously for the other person how the rich who run the world worship satan and pagan gods and have been doing this since the days of old Babylon. I have heard the satanic theory and the rich before, hell(no pun) Kubricks last movie was about it. But I thought they worshipped satan and an owl. This incarnation is lucifer and Janus the Roman god of doorways "read as openings and passages in reality and metaphor". To me these theories are adhered to by people who were educated by reading piffle written by so-called historians educated in religious schools masquerading as colleges and universities when what they really are is extended sunday school or story time for adults with money to waste. These theories are popular because it allows people to say that the dominant institutes in control of social behauvior , religion "read Christianity" has nothing to do and has not help create the mess that the world is in. Maybe this arguement flew in 200 AD. But having killed all the pagans in europe centuries ago and more or less destroyed them among native americans and captive africans I these beliefs are scurrilous and base and without honor. It is the old arguement WE are not at fault it is the evil pagans that did it. I suppose that I should be thankful I was not exposd to the old elders of zion rant but the Rothchilds where mentioned in passing.

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