Sunday, September 24, 2006

tragedy and God

I was reading a news article about a woman and her children brutally murdered. IN it a woman acquainted with the Family stated that we must turn to God Because only He can explain events like this occuring. Please Religous People Think before you use a tragedy or a crises as a platform for our religous beliefs and the conversion of unbelieving masses. I know you mean well but God does not come out well in this use of Her name. It gives some people the view of God allowing this to happen so that She can step in as supersage and enlighten us. Our worse is an ambulance chaser. It is really bad when family members use their tragedy to witness for whatever religion they believe in. Yes they are in great pain unfortunately in trying to use this as a missionary moment they are not psychological dealing with pain. Sometimes God cannot answer our questions, sometimes the light goes out briefly. Sometimes you are not witnessing for God but deluding yourself with religious platitudes, deal with the pain. REalize that everyone feels pain religious, atheist, spiritual or mystical. IN the end they all learn to deal with it or perish with divine help or self-reliance.

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