Friday, September 01, 2006

Surging Tides

Today I watched Spike Lee's new documentary everytime I watch something made by him I am blown away by his ability to chronicle the culture, times and mindset of late 20th and early 21st century America not just black americans but simply common man america. His works of fiction and documentary speak eloquently of the universiality of ordinary people while embracing the black persons story we see in the hardship of a people, everyones humanity. With this story of the leevies breaking he has shown that this is tragedy of all america. When my brother is hurting I am hurting when a black american is hurting all america is hurting.

I was discourage to see the lack of progress in the gulfstates. But I must acknowledge I have seen recently in the federal government situaitons I have not experienced since the Reagan Administration. There is A great deal of incompetence in the burueacracy It seems endemic in republican administrations. Especially when dealing with the concerns of people without much power and wealth. THE second problem is that when THE INCOMPETENCE is exposed and angry victims of it are demanding redress of the problem. The government reacts with incredible vindictiveness to these poor people. It is never covert abuse that can be sued it is trailers sitting empty because of paper work. Most of their tactic is creating miles of paperwork and witholding help through ommission. Never receiving any paperwork always happens to the most frustrated people files. I have seen it happen to disabled vets since the Bushes have been in office. They spend money to beautify hospital garden while refusing to buy up to the minute and new medication for the sick. I have seen them refuse in southern VA hospital to put an Asian American vet on life support He got on for a week only because an Asian resident bravely countermanded to supervising doctors order after he left the ICU unit. I never saw the resident on that floor again.
The next day the doctors started tormenting the family to pull the plug.

Yes New Orleans ain't going to get much help because they were just too uppity getting angry about their abuse they didn't take it like a man. I can just see it and have seen it. Makes one wish for Clinton back.

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