Monday, September 04, 2006

Mealy America

I found that my post was edited a few days ago. Wonder why???? WAS I inciting Al Queda and muslim americans or advocating the return of slavery. WAS ASking that heretics, witches. homosexuals and jews be burned again or did I promulgate that Jesus is the only god and those who does not believe this will burn eternally in Hell or excuse me HE double toothpicks, and these people are thus evil and must destroyed. THings one can normally be find on the Internet. NOOOOO> I fortunately used the sh-t and my freedom of speech was immediately erased. IF YOU DO NOT like reading my blog and seeing the word sh_t then do not read. But please go to a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL AND FIND OUT WHY YOU ARE TRAUMATIZED BY DEFECATION. There might be a repressed child abuse case in the making.

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