Saturday, August 26, 2006

friday night fright

Well today one of my favorite shows can back for a new season. It's on HBO and it is a political panel discussion show. I liked today's show because one of the panelists was a Pseudo-Intellectual.... He was a Brit that was espousing the New Republican Spin. Yes Bush is not very bright, but look at Clinton he changed his mind with very book he read HE WAS GASP!!! a ditherer and a reader. But Bush he might be dumb but he can recognize an enemy and a threat. I have a bird dog that's dumb as a brick but he can recognize an enemy and a threat, as nice as that trait is I AM not recommending the republican party make him president. Clinton may have been a ditherer but when it came to meeting out justice to Al Qaeda he did it by not embroiling us in a NO WIN war. There was a reason Colin Powell did not Go into Iraq. It was his experience in another NO WIN war Vietnam. Clinton just bombed the bastards. Clinton Knew how to be succinct and to the point. He was not perfect in foreign policy ignoring Rwanda was a huge mistake.

Another thing I love is price of gas. The oil companies have been swearing that there has been no price gouging, the president has sworn, the republican party swears it also. So why two months before the election prices are mysteriously lowering. Do these people honestly believe that we will not expect the prices to go up after the election, I do. Anyone who votes republican expecting the prices to go down Needs to seriously sue their school system for producing such ignorance or declare themselves brain dead and ready for organ harvesting.

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