Thursday, June 29, 2006

tv witches

My two great beefs in life one reading a book and finding out it is number 4 in set of six book with chronilogical order. Happened to me in my childhood with the narnia books colored my perception of the series darkly. I did not like the sappy ending of the series and by the time I reached the first book I was tired of seeing another witch and powerful woman character demonized. That summer I decided to read all the books I could find in the glendale library about elizabethan england I had just discovered shakespeare. Narnia was suppose to be my escapist reading something to relax after wading through Knox's sermons about his peoples sixteenth century dress, womans sluttishness(he makes rap singers seem like enlightened feminists) and Queen Mary of Scot(she offended his male sensibilities greatly being female and smelling of popery which is different from modern popurri).

Second beef watching a show being advertised giving the impression to one certain demographic that it is friendly to their interests or belief. When said person gets interested in watching it they find themselves bombarded by another demographics belief system. Case in point the movie with jennifer lopez and jim caviezel "something" angel the trailers gave you the impression you were going to a psychic thriller ala sixth sense. The movie unfolded itself and became an experience on par with a bad ACA (adult child alcoholics)meeting.

Not only are cheesy message movies using this blatant false advertising but the BBC has adopted it. yes the people who gave us "upstairs downstairs"," the wives of king henry the eight" and numerous classics has fallen to television cheesiness, shell game hucksterism, apocalyptic fundementalist fairytales. It all started with campaign that heaven forbid could it be possible true pagan and witch friendly show. A but the truth, as my old world russian mother would say, is never get our hopes up because God will always disappoint you, went in another direction. A rosemary's baby heading to left behind in a hallelujah chorus direction. I must say though the woman vicar at end the of the pilot was a nice show to any recalcitrant young lesbians that there is a place for you in the fold. Subtlety is not the hallmark of this show. Well good day from the hinterlands

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