Thursday, June 29, 2006

chatter from the hinterlands

Living in the provinces is interesting. Its news stations here are great for a laugh there are not any real investigative reporters out here. The only story in months has been the evils of hybrid cars and how the _Bush non administrations is protecting us from the perversion of alternative fuels. I do not think that the station was listening when the president accused us of being oil junkies in need of too big a fix. It is bad when the source is telling you to cut down your score. That speech went over their heads. But this state is a Texas wannabe. My husband was surfing the dish a few days back when fox, which rhymes with a four letter word if you have an accent, news demonstrated its normal lack of acuity by stating Gas prices are going down. Good thing about the bush non administration is that it has taught us not to get our hopes up. The price of gas climbed up ten cents a day later. I guess the oil companies think americans in will close their eyes and shout I believe in fox news and while blinded conveniently miss the 10 cent hike.

Yes the bush non-administration has taught americans two new pastimes pessimism and taking civil and human rights away from defenseless minorities. God Bless the USA

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