Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Little thing called Common Sense

I was surfing the net when I came upon a debate on gay marrriage. I truly thought that I had fell down the rabbit hole or maybe grew wings and landed on kukuburra land. For one thing it is not a discussion on gay marriage it was a discussion on limiting marriage and marital rights to select people. These people would have select rights and priveleges granted to them the way in Nazi Germany and Communist countries Aryans and Party menbers , had or have rights others do not have.

The arguement was twofold for legislating discrimanation. To protect children and uphold the sanctity of judeo christian values. Both arguements are meant to elicit a knee-jerk mentality reaction that many americans practice and are proud of, known as old fashion values. Sometimes what you are smelling is not a misnamed rose But stinkweed. The arguement about children is that we must turn heterosexual unions into members only country club. With said affliation belonging only to heterosexuals. Since heterosexual child molesters and death row inmates are by law allowed to marry I see no logic in this arguement. When heterosexual perverts, criminal and murderers are allowed into the country club, yet law abiding, tax paying and mentally sound homosexuals are barred . How is this going to protect children, it does not even protect adults. Also many heterosexuals are marrying yet opting not to have children, said people are CHILDLESS, does this mean that said union are no longer sanctified and thus null and void. IN the eyes of the child protector it would seem so, as marriage is viewed as a vehicle in which to procreate children and raise them. Will this also mean that Single parents are no longer legally parents as they are not raising their offspring in the sanctity of government legislated and approved unions, how Orweallian. Will the government someday decide that the functionally mentally ill and challanged heterosexauls should not wed. After that will the diabetic and obese, addicts and people with history of familial cancer not wed to protect future children from future illnesses.

About religion I will be brief, will the government in the future start legislating a state religion will those of us who get married in a circle or an alternative religious ceremony someday find out their marriage is void. No this is not a debate on Gay Marriage But The Limiting of The Civil Rights of Law Abiding Citizens, You do not have to like Will and Grace or Queer Eye TO SEE CLEARLY that it is not the rights of only homosexuals but the rights of all americans including the children, of which statically some will grow up to be gay, that will be legislated away.

To those of you that say the republicans would never do anything that bad. This is a party that could not find New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama for a week after Katrina. Do you really want to place the protection your Civil and Human rights in a government that Can only be efficient when giving the top 7% of the country a tax break.

thats all from the hinterlands.

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